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NASHVILLE, Tenn.— Newsboys United Tour is making history in 2018. Bringing all the hits under one roof from three decades of Newsboys music, this tour has been unlike any other. From spring through winter, the tour will alight upon nearly 100 cities all over the nation. Worshipping with more than 100,000 people during the spring leg of the tour, Newsboys has been blown away by the overwhelming response from fans. 

“We've been so surprised and humbled at the response from Newsboys fans not just in the cities we've visited but from fans all over the world,” said Jeff Frankenstein, “This has been so much more than just a tour, it's a celebration of different eras, individuals and the songs that have brought us together.”


Get ready for another round of fall dates with Newsboys members Michael Tait, Duncan Phillips, Jeff Frankenstein and Jody Davis together with former bandmates Peter Fuller and Phil Joel. They are planning take the tour to another 30+ cities across the U.S. After the success of sold out shows this spring, the “Newsboys United Tour” extended its record-breaking run through the summer with a slate of another 20 shows that kicked off in June.


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